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Rite now I’m in o’hare airport in chitown…. This will be the last time I fly united!!! How does an airline oversell a plane by 50 seats then give u an attitude becuz ur tryin 2 figure out the mess they did???? I’m gonna apologize 2 oakland rite now becuz it doesn’t look like I’m not gonna be able 2 make it…. This airline is sold out even thru 2morrow morning!!! Gonna try my best 2 make it up. Looks like I’m gonna spend my 1st nite in the airport… I don’t know anyone here and already gotta spend wild money 2 even leave here!! Airline pimpin!!
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2 Responses to “Stuck…..”

  • April May:

    Awwww, hope you made it!!

  • TNest:

    Damn, I saw you and you buddy in the underground O’Hare people mover and I knew it was you. I was gonna be like, “HEY SLIM…one twelve (in your high voice)”…it would have been too funny. United does suck, but then again most airlines do now a days. They are all corrupt and bankrupt, so you have to just deal I guess. Stay strong and keep spittin’ the hits.

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