My new look!!
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Wow!!! Its been awhile!! Wassup!! Just tweaking the look of my blog site!! Hit me and tell me how ya like it!! I know…. There r people that wanna know… “What ya been up to?” Well… I’ve been traveling around the world doing shows and preparing 4 my next cd cruise control! One step 2 my “spot” in paradise!! I just wanna thank all those who support me! My “true” love ones! I also thank any people not on the team… More motivation 4 me!! Let me be alittle personal with ya! Tomorrow is my sis bday kristy michelle scandrick rip 7-22. I wish she was here 2 see her big bro do his thang! I’m gonna make u proud just watch me!
I wanna get some feedback from my fans!! Put the word out!! Slims official website is slimsspot!!! Slimsspot!!!
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2 Responses to “My new look!!”

  • Shelly:

    I like your site and I wish you the best! I was at your show in Tulsa tonight was SO excited that I got to take a picture with you, one of my favorite all-time singers (I was the random girl with the tie…not that I expect you to remember LOL). I laughed tonight because we are the same age and I grew up singing “with” you…and most of the girls screaming for you probably weren’t born when you started :) I know Tulsa probably wasn’t anywhere on your radar but I appreciate that you didn’t treat us any differently than the Orlando crowd when I saw you perform at the House of Blues. I’m glad you came down before you head to LA…good luck to you and much success!

  • Ivy:

    I luv ya uncle!

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