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Life is funny. When u think everything’s going as planned something happens to make u say hmmm??? On the other hand, when one door closes in your face just when ur about 2 give up another door opens just in time… I’m in Las vegas. Been here 4 2 wks getting my music together but now has turned into a rehab resort! I’m in a dilemmma…. I don’t wanna leave. I mean I miss certain people like a person would miss air or water if deprived but…. But things or people need 2 change as well as myself b4 I can. I think once I fix my mind, heart and soul the album will become more than just words or expressions on a track…. It will be a sculpture, a masterpiece!! My problem is that the album is called cruise control but my life is anything but that rite now!! That’s ok becuz there’s no progress without struggle… Rite?
Welcome 2 my world…. Rite now picture me in a studio with like 200 candles at least! And 2 bottles of moscato…. Even tho I don’t drink but rite now its my calm mixed with the emotions of this wild track and myself. All my wants my craves have been focused 2 the music now! I know this enginner thinks I’m crazy!! I’m starin at the speakers in the studio 4 hrs trying 2 put the words 2gether!
“Good things come 2 those who wait.” For yrs my impatient butt hated that quote but starting 2 come at peace with it now. I’ll wait 4 eternity 4 happiness in my life!! To be continued…..
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  • Hey Slim,
    last nite I had some time and i went through my old Cd collections when I came across the 112 Albums. Damn I had a good time back then and some of the songs really are part of the soundtrack to my life. I remember how difficult it was for me to purchase the albums here in germany back then. Anyway, many doors have closed since then and new doors opened and I realized that sometimes one has to close doors to find new ones… its been some time since you posted from Las vegas… i hope that you could fix your mind heart and soul a little since then… even though – at least for me – this is a constant progress. I found out the “the power of now” really helps when it comes to fixing!!!Living each and every moment to the fullest and in a way that you can be proud of yourself tomorrow is I guess the only way to make oneself happy!
    Love from germany

    PS. Someone to hold…. after all those years still makes me wanna cry! ;-)

  • CALawHottie:

    When are you coming to Cali? I need to see you = )

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